A Normandy Culinary Voyage By Means of Room Service

By on October 13, 2015

Ah…the joys of staying in a hotel. One of my favorite things I like to do when I’m in a hotel is to quickly scan over the room service menu. I’m like a kid in a candy store, eager to see what delectable over priced offerings the hotel has in store for it’s guests. And sure enough overpriced or not, I always indulge…it is my vacation after all!

Room service at Le Domaine d’Ablon Estate is not like your typical hotel room service, especially when their resident chef, Jérôme Billochon cooks up a meal worthy of an award-winning restaurant. Chef Billochon was about to send me on a culinary voyage with his mouth watering creations and I had my passport ready in hand!

I knew that being in Normandy, I would be exposed and introduced to a vast and diverse culinary scene, but what I didn’t know was the fact that most of it would take place during my stay at the Ablon Estate.

On the Estate, we have refined the art of cuisine with recipes that are both natural and yet daring, to ensure an explosion of flavors

Having a prolific garden that offers a large variety of vegetables and fruits, the estate has a winning recipe (pardon the pun) by giving its guests the freshest of seasonal produce.

Mother Nature’s bounty to inspire any chef at Le Domaine d’Ablon.

Chef Billochon is very well known throughout France for his chocolate and pastry creations, however; at the estate he also uses the riches of both the vegetable and herb gardens and creates savory dishes that reflect the true Normandy essence.

Every evening I was amazed at the elegant meals that were put forth before me. It was the whole package that did me in…from the moment I saw the tray of culinary treats to the moment I had my last bite of dessert, I was in a different place. This is the voyage that Chef Billochon took me on.

For an exquisite meal to be properly showcased, all details surrounding the dish needs to be observed and addressed. And that is exactly what Le Domaine d’Ablon does each and every time! From posh pottery dishes and crisp linens monogramed with the estate “da” insignia to the crystal being used to enjoy your cider or Rosé…all details have been thought of to enhance your dining experience.

Room service with style at Le Domaine d’Ablon.


For my breakfasts, room service was always a wonderful start to my day. Knowing that I don’t typically indulge in coffee (with the exception of Nespresso from time to time), the owners had arranged for me to have my favorite…a carafe of hot coco (warm chocolate milk). But let me tell you, when your hot coco is being prepared by a famous pastry chef, don’t expect the usual run-of-the-mill hot chocolate milk.

It came to a point where Chef Billochon got to know my tastes and before I knew it, I was drinking his secret recipe of blending three wonderful chocolates melted in cream and milk to give me the most amazing hot coco! I know it sounds silly to gush over hot coco, but it was THAT delicious and truly rich (my waistline is still reminding me of it).

Breakfast items would surly please any tastes. An assortment of jams (made by the berries picked from the garden), fresh honey cultivated from the beehives on the property to buttery croissants and divine pain chauds…these are just some of the staples guests can expect for their room service to start their day. And the riches of all riches…the BUTTER!!! Normandy butter is one that no words can do it justice. The creamy sensual taste of this butter is one for the books. Now I understand why they say Normandy is the land of cream and butter!

Requests for something different for your petit déjeuner, to make your stay more enjoyable is strongly encouraged as that is what they do…the estate wants guests to enjoy themselves to the maximum and to ‘not go without’ the little things that make you happy while on vacation.

A signature breakfast at Le Domaine d’Ablon Estate: croissants, pain chauds, fresh berry jams from the garden, honey made from their beehive, cereal and toasts and my favorite… the secret blend of 3 different types of chocolate to make my hot coco!

Room service at Le Domaine d’Ablon.


Chef Billochon masters in all things sugary and sweet and at the estate he demonstrates his savory crafts. His skills in the savoury world are truly phenomenal. After eating Chef Billochon’s meal, one can easily tell that he is the heart of Le Domaine d’Ablon.

Jérôme Billochon employs all his skill in showcasing the best products of the region in both savoury and sweet dishes. He finds his inspiration in the traditions of the area and creates his dishes with respect for the rhythm of the seasons

Dinner service provided by Chef Jerome Billochon: (back to front) dark chocolate sabayon with sea salt caramel, assortment of cheese, Tartine Normandie: Camembert cheese and ham with green salad and fresh tomatoes with Buratta cheese, olive oil and chives.

Every meal showcases and highlights the amazing flavors that Normandy has to offer. From the most simple of dishes to the most intricate…guests will fall in love with the culinary creations that Chef Billochon has in store for them.

A decadently rich Foie Gras sphere on a bed of apple chutney with baked apple slices.

Saint Pierre fish and mushroom risotto.

Seafood casserole: scallops, shrimp, leeks, carrots and ofcourse cream.

Whether they come from the sea, the land or are freshly picked from the orchards, the ingredients that make up the dishes of Normandy unite strength and character. The cuisine of Normandy is scented, colourful and above all, delicious, a true reflection of the region.

Exceptional meals created by Chef Jerome Billochon at Le Domaine d’Ablon.

The Ablon Estate does not hold back to ensure that guests have the authentic Normandy culinary experience during their stay. Le Domaine d’Ablon “offers you an authentic gourmet break, tasting harmonious, colourful dishes, allowing you to enjoy moments of pure pleasure as you taste the real Normandy”.

The culinary voyage that Chef Billochon took me on was one for the books as his multifaceted and ever so flavorful meals will forever be ingrained in my memory!

Guests staying at Le Domaine d’Ablon will be thoroughly impressed by the high level of culinary skills and creativity that the on-site chef displays. The estate has acquired a remarkable force with Chef Billochon, as he offers an authentic Normandy culinary excursion without ever having to leave the picturesque property.

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