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A swimming pool with lounge chairs and a view of the ocean.

Fantasizing about discovering a location where it seems time stood still? Where visitors can experience unforgettable beauty and limitless adventures with its lush rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, and volcanic peaks. Well, this is Dominica, (pronounced Dom-in-EEK-a) one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. Snuggled between Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica stands apart from her neighbors with her untouched […]

cropped two orange chairs with lake

Tucked away in the heart of Gatineau Park, the Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa has become the destination for people seeking to unwind, be it via an afternoon spa treatment or a relaxing weekend getaway. With amenities ranging from personalized, luxurious spa services to exceptional fine dining, this unique property is dedicated to hospitality and it […]

resort next to the sea with white pavement

Desiring European sophistication with a tropical postcard-worthy scenery? This is what the Caribbean island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten is all about. Spoiling guests with the best attributes that both France and the Netherlands have to offer. Considered the most cosmopolitan island on earth, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, with only 70 km of coastline, is an incredibly […]

closeup view of meal and glass on wooden tray

Ah…the joys of staying in a hotel. One of my favorite things I like to do when I’m in a hotel is to quickly scan over the room service menu. I’m like a kid in a candy store, eager to see what delectable over priced offerings the hotel has in store for it’s guests. And sure enough overpriced or […]

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