There are sushi lovers and then there are REAL sushi lovers! In the past, whenever I had the opportunity of being in downtown Ottawa, friends and I would make it a point to get our sushi fix at New Generation Sushi. It became a place where I knew I would leave not only satisfied but […]

The famous adage ‘to acquire wisdom one must observe’ couldn’t be more fitting as I watched Chef Jason Laurin, owner of Essence Catering, create flavourful and stunning dishes for his clients. If truth be told, witnessing Laurin work in the kitchen with meticulous precision and incredible ease was brilliant! A Cordon Bleu Cuisine and Pastry […]

Observing a beautifully marbled Wagyu beef steak sizzling in a cast-iron pan to attain its much sought-after crust, all the while being teased by the intoxicating aromas released by the searing of this prized meat, was the proverbial cherry on the top moment during my Harmons Steakhouse experience. Since the fall of 2021, Harmons Steakhouse […]

As I perused the market aisles sipping feverishly on my Aperol spritz cocktail, I was initially drawn to the mouth-watering assortment of focaccias until I was pulled towards the blended aromas of melted cheese, roasted tomatoes and signature Italian ingredients marrying themselves in the wood-fired oven. There, I stood mesmerized by the Italian pizzaiolo chef […]

The notion to hang a Gone Fishin’ sign on the door and escape for a holiday has long been popular. Since 1951, to be precise, when crooners Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong recorded the song Gone Fishin’. So how about going fishing for caviar in New Brunswick? Now that’s a tasty escape from routine. For […]

Tucked away in the heart of Gatineau Park, the Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa has become the destination for people seeking to unwind, be it via an afternoon spa treatment or a relaxing weekend getaway. With amenities ranging from personalized, luxurious spa services to exceptional fine dining, this unique property is dedicated to hospitality and it […]

Desiring European sophistication with a tropical postcard-worthy scenery? This is what the Caribbean island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten is all about. Spoiling guests with the best attributes that both France and the Netherlands have to offer. Considered the most cosmopolitan island on earth, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, with only 70 km of coastline, is an incredibly […]

As an integral element of Mayan culture, cacao was perceived as a gift from the gods, a divine elixir that empowered humans. Today, the cacao bean is being sought out globally to create exquisite chocolate indulgences, an art that Hummingbird Chocolate excels at. Having spent many years working with farmers in developing countries, helping them […]

Ottawa area gastronomes are fortunate to have access to some of the best culinary products on the market, many of which are game-changers for an at-home dining experience. Picture refined olive oils imported from Italy, boundless cheese selections that would make any turophile swoon, and baked goods that transport your senses to a Paris café. […]

With Maker Feed Co., Chef Michel Gaumond defies COVID odds and delights Ottawa foodies. When life dishes lemons, not every chef is game to dish back a fresh dining opportunity. Meet Chef Michel Gaumond. In an industry squeezed by COVID-related restrictions, this Ottawa chef has dared—at least metaphorically—to make lemonade. More accurately, with business partner […]

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