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As I perused the market aisles sipping feverishly on my Aperol spritz cocktail, I was initially drawn to the mouth-watering assortment of focaccias until I was pulled towards the blended aromas of melted cheese, roasted tomatoes and signature Italian ingredients marrying themselves in the wood-fired oven. There, I stood mesmerized by the Italian pizzaiolo chef […]

I like my martinis extra dirty with olives; my mojitos with freshly squeezed lime juice as opposed to lime cordial; and my gin with a splash of St. Germain. I know what I like in my drinks, just like you do! We all have our preferences when it comes to our favorite drinks; a key ingredient to […]

Shaken, stirred or neat?! We all have our preferences when it comes to enjoying our favourite libation. Much to the delight of die-hard cocktail aficionados, cocktails have radically evolved over the years! In fact, some Barchefs have as much of a following as that of some of the most notable culinary chefs. I am very pleased to announce that the extravagant Canadian mixology competition, Made With Love, is back again for a second year […]

Gone are the days where a cocktail was just a cocktail. Today, we see an exciting new surge of enthusiasm regarding mixology. Much like a chef in the kitchen, these barchefs are taking cocktail making to a whole new level! We are seeing talented bartenders displaying their innovative skills in the most unique manner ever when […]

Several months ago I had the splendid pleasure of being invited to Wachau, Austria and get knee deep in their wine culture. What an incredible journey it was for me to experience Austria’s wine scene. To be at the heart of the wineries and walk amongst their vineyards and see how they make some of the […]

For a food lover, there exists but one perfect and harmonious marriage…that of wine and food. From rich and savoury dishes to the lightest of cuisines, nothing compliments them better than wine. Guests at this year’s Ottawa Wine and Food Festival will have the opportunity to enjoy such experiences. To discover and learn about the world’s top […]

Ah, summer…The season synonymous with trips to the family cottage, dips in the backyard pool, sun kissed bodies and quenching that summer thirst with the ultimate Canadian beverage! Black Fly coolers have not only garnered international recognition with their beverages, but they are continuing to make history with their locally produced products.

What a HUGE milestone for Beau’s Brewing Company, as it was announced that they will be the Official Beer Partner of Ottawa 2017. Their Lug-Tread will be the official beer for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations in the nation’s capital. Cheers to that!!

It isn’t everyday that a startup company makes national headway. And it isn’t everyday we see the owner of a recognizable local company, not only garner the attention from a funding show like Dragon’s Den but also negotiate a profitable deal. Steve Morrier, chief alchemist and owner of Split Tree Cocktail Co., is that man. His drive and determination to […]

For years I had been reluctant to dive into the world of ‘vino’ as I could never find a wine that sat well with me. Thinking that I was overly sensitive to the wine’s acid content and what felt like sheer gasoline flowing down my throat, I had pretty much given up any hope of really enjoying a […]

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