A luxurious train journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies, where breathtaking views of a blue lake nestled among majestic mountains await.

Exploring the Canadian Rockies with Rocky Mountaineer’s Luxury Rail

By on November 29, 2023

Journey Through the Clouds, a very apropos route description from one of the world’s leading luxury rail experiences, The Rocky Mountaineer. As I embarked on this incredible voyage through the Canadian Rockies in Western Canada, I realized just how fortunate we were as Canadians to be blessed with picture-perfect landscapes of stunning peaks and remote vistas. The scenes were mesmerizing to say the least.

Upper level – Gold Leaf Service on the Rocky Mountaineer train. @Rocky Mountaineer

Gold Leaf Service

Rocky Mountaineer has left no detail to chance where luxury is concerned. The Gold Leaf Service is synonymous with indulgence upon indulgence. From the most incredible panoramic views on the upper level to the exquisite culinary offerings in the lower-level dining room, the bi-level glass-domed carriage is, without a doubt, a treat for your senses.

Settled comfortably in my spacious plush heated reclining seat, I sat back and soaked in the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies. For the social butterflies, each seat also rotates 180 degrees so you can easily interact with those around you. And, if that wasn’t enough, as a Gold Leaf member, I also had access to the exclusive outdoor viewing platform – an ideal vantage point for any photographer or nature enthusiast. The fact that you can step outside, breathe in the crisp clean air and get a little closer to the awe-inspiring wilderness is something only the Rocky Mountaineer can provide!

Let the adventure begin with the Gold Leaf service on the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train. @Brigitte Hasbron

Walking down the spiral staircase to the dining room below just added to the excitement of what was to come next on this memorable journey. The elegant linen, the warm hospitality, and most importantly, the delicious gourmet meals prepared by the executive chef made me feel as though I was in a posh restaurant! Actually, the moment you step onto this luxury train, you are served with pre-breakfast treats which is a foreshadowing of the delectable dishes you will be savouring onboard. For someone who loves her fine dining moments, the Gold Leaf Service is delivered on all fronts.

Enjoying cuisines of all varieties, I was very impressed to know that the chef prepared regionally-based dishes using locally sourced ingredients. This means that during my three-course lunches, I was very privileged to devour copious amounts of salmon (prepared in every possible way) and prized AAA-grade beef. Now, no dining experience would be complete without some libations or two, and believe me when I say, there was no shortage of local wines and beers, as well as high-end spirits to enjoy. And if that wasn’t enough, afternoon snacks, including right-from-the-oven cookies, were always welcomed by yours truly!

Gold Leaf service on the Rockey Mountaineer train: a delicious 3-course lunch. @Brigitte Hasbron

The Journey

My journey had me travelling through scenic valleys, leaving the rainforest-like conditions of Vancouver to the desert-like environment of Kamloops, to being surrounded by majestic mountains, as we made our way to Jasper.

Seeing renowned and very much sought-after sights, we travelled along the impressive Fraser River, through Hell’s Gate (a 100-foot wide narrow rock canyon), and past the magnificent Pyramid Creek Falls. With a vantage point only accessible by rail, I had the pleasure of viewing the falls cascading 300 feet next to the train tracks. Definitely a highlight of the trip! Yet, that wasn’t the piece de resistance that was in store for me. As the train slowed down (for optimal viewing of wildlife sightings and other scenic attractions, the train will slow down), I quickly went to the outdoor viewing area to capture the beauty of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Not being completely versed with all the landmarks that I saw, it was an added bonus to have the train hosts, the exceptional staff members on the train who are there with you from the start of your trip, provide interesting and humorous historical facts. With their practiced touch, the hosts make their guests feel like a VIP by enhancing their experience with subtle preferential details and services.

Hell’s Gate view from the Rockey Mountaineer luxury train. @Brigitte Hasbron

In order to maximize the overall experience, guests can also curate their vacation package to add bucket-list adventures, such as discovering Jasper National Park, visiting the Columbia Icefield, and seeing firsthand the incredible views from Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. Sights and memories that will stay with me always!

Stunning vista at Moraine Lake @Brigitte Hasbron
Picture perfect views at Lake Louise @Brigitte Hasbron

Having partnered with premium hotels at each destination, The Rocky Mountaineer provided me with the pleasure of staying at some incredible high-end properties. All part of my unforgettable Gold Leaf Service package! And, the rail service stays true to their slogan, “With Rocky Mountaineer, you get the best of both worlds: maximum views, and maximum comfort”.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, is one of the luxury hotels that are partnered with the Rocky Mountaineer. @Brigitte Hasbron

Providing its guests with unforgettable memories, one can easily see why The Rocky Mountaineer, with its breathtaking views and exemplary culinary offerings, is deemed one of the most iconic travel experiences on the planet. Unforgettable memories that have left me yearning to experience the different routes that this luxury service has to offer…one track at a time.

After a long day, a rich and tasty avocado, egg and bacon salad was the way to go!!🥑🥚🥓😍😋

And the pièce de résistance, triple-cream Brie with @artisinbakery baguette - the perfect match for such a meal. 

At this rate, indulgence should be my nickname 😉

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Sophistication, opulent decor, and beautiful luxury desserts - this is @delyseesottawa 🍰🍮
Read The Food Tease column in the Spring/Summer issue of @luxeottawamagazine on how Delysees's Creative Director, Fred Naggar, successfully left awe-inspiring footprints in the fashion world to embark on a new adventure with his wife - the world of high-end desserts.😋🍰😍
Sweets for the sweets... Enjoy!
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Happy Easter, everyone!!🐣 🐰
Enjoying my family's Easter tradition of our colourful egg fight...I didn't win, but there's always next year 😉
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Friday night, I had the privilege of attending the 2024 Canadian Culinary Championships - Mystery Wine Challenge - People's Choice Award🥇🥇@greatkitchenparty
Congratulations to all the chefs involved in this intense competition. The chefs needed to create a dish to pair with the mystery wine. Each chef was given a tricky budget of $550 for the 250 guests. I was witnessing creativity at its best!!😋
The winning dish🥇 (centered in the middle of the photo) was created by JP Dublado: Red Deer Resort and Casino, Red Deer AB
Dish: beet & soy cured albacore tuna - ponzu gel - tomato water - puffed wild rice - beet green oil
Amazing talent from all the chefs as they paired with the mystery wine (a 2021 Lailey Vineyard Zweigelt)🍷🍷
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Planning for your BIG wedding day💍 and looking for something different than the traditional bachelorette party? 🎉🎉
Then you need to read my solo Montreal getaway article featured in the latest issue of @ottawawedding magazine.
Special thanks to @montreal for the beautiful experiences.
Amongst the amazing activities:
● High Tea at the Ritz-Carlton 🍾🥂
● Pampering at the Scandinave Spa 💆🏼‍♀️and at Le Germain Hotel 
● Visiting the beautiful light show at the Botanical Gardens ⚘️✨️
● Culinary experiences at the Foxy restaurant and discovering local restaurants during a food tour😋😋
Solo getaway or with a friend or two, any reason to visit and experience Montréal is a good one!! 😍🤗
With its countless cultural activities and experiences, one can easily enjoy this beautiful city! And let's not forget their food scene... that alone is reason enough to visit!!😍😋
I think it's time for you to discover, and for some, REDISCOVER Montreal! 🤩🤩
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I am very proud to share my culinary "observer" perspective regarding @lecordonbleuottawa culinary workshops in the latest issue of @luxeottawamagazine 😊
Visiting my alma mater and watching the culinary workshop from a different lens reinforced the rationale as to why I pursued my culinary education…the pleasure of savouring the fruits of your labour. 😋
It is this journey that ignited my passion for cooking, helped hone my skills, and introduced me to a world of flavours and techniques that continue to inspire me to this day. And perhaps it will inspire you as well!👨‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳
Check out the article and the new culinary workshops being offered. Enjoy the adventure!!😊🤗
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Where's my rubber ducky 🐤😉?! 
A year ago this week, I was enjoying some bath time while in @discoverdominica 🏖🏝😍
Dominica's lush scenery is extraordinary, and I'm grateful to have been invited to visit their beautiful island😊😊
Visiting Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs was perfect to relax and rid of some unwanted stress. And the outdoor bath surrounded by all that green landscape was simply the BEST! An unforgettable experience! 🤩
Dominica's adventure activities - diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, swimming - are just some of the many ways to enjoy this tropical island.🤿🙂
Put Dominica on your travel list. You'll love it!!❤️❤️
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What goes better together than Champagne and lobster?! Nothing, except MORE Champagne...hence the magnum of Veuve!🍾🥂🦞
This is the definition of indulgence. 😉
Why wait for special occasions?! Enjoy what makes you happy whenever the mood strikes! 
Carpe diem!!🍾🥂😍
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