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A luxurious train journey aboard the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies, where breathtaking views of a blue lake nestled among majestic mountains await.

Journey Through the Clouds, a very apropos route description from one of the world’s leading luxury rail experiences, The Rocky Mountaineer. As I embarked on this incredible voyage through the Canadian Rockies in Western Canada, I realized just how fortunate we were as Canadians to be blessed with picture-perfect landscapes of stunning peaks and remote […]

large platter of oysters with a large jar of caviar

When the shiny black pearls burst in my mouth as I pressed them onto my palate, I could taste their addictive salty, buttery flavour. It was then that I knew I was hooked on caviar.  Not unlike truffles, oysters and champagne, caviar goes hand in hand with all things luxurious. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Russian […]

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