Better than butter? When pigs fly!

By on October 14, 2013

The sound of a dollop of butter hitting a fiery hot cast iron pan is music to my ears, the ‘tsssss’ sound foreshadows the delicious result that will soon be ravaged. The sight of butter dancing across a pan as it’s about to sear its next victim is like seeing Baryshnikov perform swan lake. The smell of this creamy wonder is at first sweet, but not too sweet and as it melts and more heat is added the intensity of the nutty flavors and aromas come out and tickle your senses to seduce you to add more. Alas, the taste of this ‘gift from the gods’ is sheer perfection as it coats your tongue and palette and makes ho-hum meals into one of which dreams are made of!

I keep forgetting that not everyone obsesses and craves butter like I do…not sure why people don’t, but to each their own I suppose. This new found knowledge of mine, that not everyone shares the same passion of butter as I do came to my attention when discussing of all things, Margarine. Call me naive or just living in my ‘butter world’, but I was not aware that people actually cook with margarine. I always thought that it was used predominantly as a spread for toasts or bagels and used as a last ditch replacement for when butter is needed in a recipe.

No disrespect for those out there who cook and consume this scientific anomaly, but I really can’t understand why one would choose to skip this Eighth Wonder of the world and opt for something that was created in a cold science lab by those trying to decipher what other chemical they should be adding to get that ‘natural’ taste that we all long for.

My love of this creamy goodness has been with me ever since I can remember. I udder at the thought that once day butter could be obsolete or become such a hot commodity like it was not so long go in Norway. Norway suffered for what I would classify as nightmarish…a butter shortage. People were smuggling (at ridiculously high prices) butter from one country to another just so they could enjoy the melted liquid gold.

Personally, most of my fondest memories associated with food consists of butter in one variation or another. From the smell of butter cooking onions as they transform themselves from translucent to caramelized is beyond words…they should bottle and sell that scent – seriously!  To one of my favorite scents…letting butter turn brown and nutty to sear a steak is absolutely gratifying to say the least.

Butter is so versatile in regards to what you can use it for in regards to cooking and baking however, it is also multi dimensional in terms of the ‘butter’ flavor you seek. My personal opinion, the nuttier the butter! I know I am not alone on this as you will see more and more high end restaurants offering with their ‘pain du jour’ a nutty or brown butter to accompany it. You haven’t lived if you haven’t experienced bread that has been consummated with brown butter.

Brown nutty butter used as a bread spread is divine but the latest craze
is nutty butter over popcorn, the Food Tease’s favorite! 

Getting back to the original thought that brought me to talk about my love of butter in the first place…Margarine. Regardless of where you stand on the butter margarine debate, as long you know the facts and you are okay with it then who am I, let alone anyone else to tell you what to put in your mouth.

Enjoy what life has to offer you…butter, butter and more butter!

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