A Touch of France at Ottawa’s Fauna with Bonne Maman

By on September 20, 2017

One of Ottawa’s well-known restaurants has been using a product that is pretty much synonymous, not to mention delicious, with all things French.

Last week Fauna teamed up with Bonne Maman, France’s famous preserves and leading brand of high quality jams. Fauna created several delectable dishes incorporating the jams…what a tasty success they were! For someone who only knew a few of Bonne Maman’s products, this was the perfect opportunity for me to experience the diversity of this company’s flavours as they would be married with Fauna’s savoury dishes.

Just some of Bonne Maman’s jams.

The Bonne Maman line is justifiably considered one of the best known and successful food brands in the world. Their recipe for success is based on an extensive range of high quality products and unique know-how. With a high fruit content (50% min.), no colourings, no preservatives and no artificial flavourings, they are made with only the most perfect fruit that are intensely flavoured and rich in natural fruit sugars.

With only four ingredients in their jams (fruit, sugar/cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice and fruit pectin), Bonne Maman jams and preserves serve up high quality products while producing lasting memories.


For decades, Bonne Maman has created special preserves following traditional, cherished recipes. Our long time customers have wonderful memories of family get-togethers when grandma was generous in sharing Bonne Maman’s luscious flavours. Bonne Maman is a favourite in every generation and a delicious addition to life everyday! – Bonne Maman

For those of you not familiar with Fauna, Ottawa patrons can attest to the delicious dishes that Fauna has been providing their guests for sometime now. This Centertown eatery is all about being local where enjoying great food and drinks with friends and family in what they refer to as their “fun space” is the norm.

We serve both small and full sized plates so you can try more than one dish. We use local ingredients wherever possible. We’re inspired by where we live, places we’ve been and things we’d like to do. – Fauna

Fauna’s Chef Billy Khoo plating one of his dishes using France’s high quality jams, Bonne Maman. (Photo by Jen Bernard Photography courtesy of Bonne Maman).

It’s not every day that guests have the opportunity to discuss products such as Bonne Maman with a chef, but to also hear how they envisioned their dish utilizing the product. Fauna’s chef Billy Khoo showed his warm demeanor as he took the time to answer questions that the invited influencers asked him about the products and dishes.

Chef Khoo explained to me that he designed the menu from his inspiration of the food that they serve at the restaurant. “We try to incorporate seasonal and local flavours into the menu with a bit of fun with modernist techniques. The Bonne Maman brand definitely competes with other jams and jellies.” And I couldn’t help but ask which jam was his favourite seeing that they all tasted amazing and we all have our favourites! “I like the red currant one the best. It’s a tad less sweet than the others and the currants carry themselves nicely.”

Fauna’s menu for the Bonne Maman event:

  • Elk Carpaccio
  • Maple Foie Gras Torchon
  • Spicy Duck Prosccuitto
  • Sous vide Pork Shoulder

Fauna’s menu with Bonne Maman jams: (left to right) Elk Carpaccio: Rosemary and Juniper rub, Bonne Maman Fig jam, Potato crackers, Parmesan; Maple Foie Gras Torchon: Smoked Salt, Crostini, Bonne Maman Red Currant Pearls; Spicy Duck Proscuitto: Soeur D’Angele Cheese, Forest honey, Toasted Baguette, Bonne Maman Cherry jam; and Sous vide Pork Shoulder: Farro, Pickled Fennel, Fennel Pollen, Mustard jus, Spiced Bonne Maman Peach Jam Gelee.

The Food Tease enjoying one of Fauna’s dishes using Bonne Maman jams. (Photo by Jen Bernard Photography courtesy of Bonne Maman).

All of Chef Khoo’s dishes fully integrated the products perfectly. Both the carpaccio and prosciutto were crowd favourites as the fig and cherry jams complemented the protein dishes flawlessly. Huge compliments to Chef Khoo’s pork shoulder as it was “melt in your mouth goodness”. The seasoning and tenderness left many of us wanting more.

The Bonne Maman event at Fauna was a perfect time to try different dishes as they mingled with the distinctive and delightful flavours that this French company has to offer. You will be pleased to know that Bonne Maman products can be found at many local shops and bistros in Ottawa.

Bon Appétit!

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