A pocket size device that tells you exactly what is in your meal could spell relief for those with dietary issues

By on February 25, 2014

In this day and age, its pretty much a safe bet that you know at least one person (in some cases a handful of people) who has (have) some form of dietary issues or food allergies. Growing up the only food ‘allergy’ I was exposed to was a friend who had a seafood allergy. Food allergies were rather uncommon other than the typical peanut or shellfish allergy. Not sure what has happened over the years but now we are seeing an alarming rise in individuals who are suffering from Crohn’s, Celiac and other gastrointestinal diseases that irritate the individuals digestive track and can also suppress their immune system subjecting them to countless other health related problems.

For thousands of people out there, food allergies or intolerances go beyond the odd discomfort.  In its severe form, food allergies can be life threatening and for many it is. Unfortunately for those such individuals they have no choice but to dissect their meals to really understand what they are digesting as to not irritate their already delicate state. These individuals have to retrain their brain in order to have a different outlook on food and educate themselves on what it is their body needs but more importantly what food products they need to avoid. They also must learn how they will go about getting the nutrients that their body needs without jeopardizing their health that could potentially land them in the hospital.

A couple of weeks ago, I had dinner with some friends and when it came time to order, one of my friends who suffers from Crohn’s had to carefully select a meal that would not irritate or worsen her condition any further. It was easier for her to tell the wait staff the food items that she COULD eat as opposed to what she was allergic too. At first glance, when my friend’s meal came to the table everything looked alright but the ‘vegetables’ that came with her protein were not the one’s she had ordered…but they were ‘steamed and plain’ as she requested so what could be the matter?! Well it turns out that the vegetables in question would have posed a digestive problem and were deemed ‘illegal’ for her to consume due to her illness (luckily for my friend who went on the side of precaution decided to look up on her phone if she was allowed to consume that particular vegetable).

We are living in the age of high speed technology where we are mere seconds away to attaining valuable information done by pushing a few buttons here and there and voila!- Instant information at your finger tips. If it wasn’t for the luxury of the information highway known as the internet many people who suffer from dietary related diseases would continue to stay at home to eat, not ever risking going out to restaurants to enjoy a meal as the fear of potentially being sick would be too high. Factors to consider for them would be endless: Did the wait staff clearly understand my dietary restrictions? Will the message be conveyed to the chef properly? Will there be any cross contamination with my food with that in which I am allergic too? And the questions can go on and on…These questions are all valid and unfortunately for the person suffering from the allergy one variance or one careless mistake towards their food allergy can lead them to the hospital. And that is where TellSpec comes in. TellSpec is a hand held device that identifies allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in foods and in beverages.

TellSpec, the world’s first reliable and accurate handheld device that scans and analyzes the composition of food so consumers know the real ingredients before they buy or eat the food. TellSpec brings together laser spectroscopy and a unique mathematical algorithm in a revolutionary system that can analyze the chemical composition of any food. This system consists of a convenient handheld wireless scanner communicating with a fast cloud analysis engine. These work together to gather the spectrum of your food, analyze that spectrum, and display information about the food in an easy-to-understand interface on your smart phone…so you can intelligently decide if you want to buy or eat the food.

TellSpec is a hand held device that identifies allergens, chemicals,
nutrients, calories, and ingredients in foods and in beverages. 
TellSpec can track what you eat, and based on your reports of how you feel,
it can identify your food sensitivities
**For those unable to view the video on your mobile, here is the link to view the video which explains how TellSpec works (www.youtube.com/TellSpec)

With the growing number of people with food related allergies, one can only hope that companies like TellSpec will revolutionize they way people see food. That they can feel more at ease when they are out and about purchasing and ordering food. What was once deemed a product so far fetched and very futuristic is now feasible and can be part of our everyday routine.

Cheers to science and all its benefits!

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