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Capture 23

Sow a seed, Reap a harvest…nothing resonated more than those words at Savour Ottawa’s fifth annual Harvest Table luncheon at the newly renovated Horticulture Building situated at Lansdowne Park. What an incredible feeling it was, to see how our meals came together, literally from field to table. It’s one thing to support local producers and farmers […]


No olive oil, No Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, No scallops could be used… Only Ontario’s best meats, produce and cheeses were allowed to be used at Ontario’s Culinary Challenge hosted by the National Arts Centre. I feel like I forgot a crucial component…Ah yes, let’s not forget the perfect pairings. These dishes could only be served with the finest of wines…Ontario’s award winning wines.

An event not to be missed… 15 course-dinner accompanied with 15 wines for only $79!!! You read it right – no TYPO there!

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